Monday, November 16, 2009

Give Up A Meal For Thanksgiving

With so many people hurting from a very difficult economy, we can easily forget those who have a different perspective on life. One such person is my friend Mr. T. Mr. T lives in a nursing home because he has had three strokes. In fact this is the third nursing home where Mr. T has lived. The other day he told me his story. He said before he had his first stroke he was always partying and using filthy language. One day he woke up in a bed and wasn't able to speak. He prayed earnestly to God. He said, "Lord please let me speak again and I will never speak another profane word." God answered his prayer and he can speak again. He is paralyzed on one side of his body and can walk with the help of a therapist. He says, "God isn't finished with me." He encourages everyone he meets with his big smile and thankful attitude. Why is he thankful? Because he has a different perspective on life. Why not make this a Thanksgiving to remember? Give up a meal for someone like Mr. T. Someone who is worse off than yourself. Prepare a good meal and bring it to someone at your local nursing home. Then go sit with that person and have a conversation. If you look close enough, you just might see Jesus.

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