Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life Isn't About "I"

It was getting late. Now the disciples got into a boat and started to row across the Sea of Galilee destined for Capernaum. They had rowed several miles and now the wind had picked up and the sea became rough. Beyond the crashing waves they saw something or someone and they were filled with fear. "Do not be afraid. I AM."  It was Jesus. He could have said, "It is I." But he didn't. He said, "I AM." No argument ensued. Why would they argue? They knew their history. I AM is the one who met with Moses and led Israel out of Egypt. He fed them for forty years while they wandered in the desert. Earlier in the day the disciples had just witnessed another miracle. Jesus had not only fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish, but he also provided a basket of food from the leftovers for each of his disciples. Now Jesus comes to them dancing on the waves. Suddenly they are at peace. They reach out to take Him into the boat, but miraculously, Jesus takes them boat and all to Capernaum. That added an exclamation point to what Jesus had just said. It makes me think of my life and how many times I have been rowing in my little boat trying to get to "Capernaum". If only "I" rowed a little harder and a little faster... Then the wind and rough seas pick up and I'm afraid and exhausted. But then I hear his voice, "I AM who I AM."  Life isn't about I, It's about I AM.

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