Friday, April 29, 2011

Jesus: Betrayed, Denied and Abandoned

Jesus was betrayed, denied and abandoned by his closest friends. So where is the love Jesus spoke of? He had just demonstrated to His disciples the difference between life in this world and life in His world. In this world the rulers rule for there own gain, but in Jesus' world, those who desire to be great must be servants of all. Jesus then took on the role of the least of servants and washed His disciples feet  (John 13). He told His disciples that He was going to leave this world and that they were not able to follow Him. He referred to them as little children because just like little children they got excited for the moment, while He was with them in the world. Peter even said He was willing to die for Jesus. Mark says all the disciples said that they were ready to die with Jesus (Mark 14:31). But none of them were. Judas betrayed Jesus, Peter denied Jesus, the other disciples abandoned Jesus.

So where is the love? The love that Jesus referred to is agapao love or God love. Agapao love can only be expressed by God. That is what Divine Life is all about (thank you Dr. Steve McVey). Agapao is expressed by God living in human beings. The fullness of God is in Christ and Christ lives in the lives of those who trust and believe in Him (Col. 1:19,27).

It's a love that transcends this world.

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