Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is there such a thing as a successful Christian?

If there is, what does he or she look like? For a very long time I have tried to be a "successful Christian." But I believe I created a false image in my mind and without realizing it, I was practicing idolatry. Most often I was discouraged and even depressed when I didn't live up to the image of a "successful Christian." I have come to realize that a successful Christian doesn't live for his or her own happiness and isn't necessarily happy. But just maybe a successful Christian is one who knows his identity is in Christ; knows he has Divine life and knows he has been given eternal life in Christ. Maybe the successful Christian is the one who knows what Jesus Christ accomplished for him at the cross and  lives in the reality of who he is in Christ. Maybe believing the reality that we are in Christ and Christ is in us and we are one with God, means that we don't have to live up to a false image that we create for ourselves and we are free to allow Christ to live His life through us and to suffer with others as He suffered for us. Just maybe that is what a successful Christian is.

(References: The Book of Colossians, especially Col. 1:12-14,19,27; 2:9-15,20; 3:1-4,11)

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