Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Touched by the Hand of God" To Be Revised

Why another revision? Because some of the readers of the book have asked for more. I want to touch more lives with my story. “Touched by the Hand of God” was only a prayer journal in 2002. It was my way of expressing my thoughts, fears and anxieties as I tried to figure out why my world was cascading down upon me. Since then my understanding of God and his creation has changed dramatically! I feel like I’ve been wearing my underwear inside out, or worse, wearing my pants without my drawers – and it just doesn’t feel right! I’m also going exclusive on Amazon Kindle; for three reasons: to keep it simple – the Kindle App is easy enough to download and Prime customers can borrow my book for free. Unfortunately, even though Smashwords was the first place I published, not many people have accounts there and most people have never heard of Smashwords. As far as Nook Publishing at Barnes and Noble, it just wasn’t happening for me there. Additionally, I’ll be correcting the formatting errors, which were supposed to be corrected with the last revision, but somehow a lot of “kinks were left in the garden hose.” I may have some other surprises as well, we’ll see. I will probably post some parts or chapters on my blog and ask for your contributions and critique. I hope that some of you will take the time to do so. I do have a target date of Sunday, Aug. 31and my goal is to make it free for all my Facebook, Touched by the Hand of God Community and blogger friends a week or so before 9-11.

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